1) Will they give a specific appointment time and do they keep it?Let's face it, your time is valuable. We know that, and that's why we strive to not only give you a specific appointment time, but to keep it. If we do run late, we will always call and give you the option to wait for us or re-schedule - whatever works for you.

2) Will they provide written quotes for commercial jobs?Master systems, access control, alarm devices, intercoms and buzzers - these are investments in your security. That is why, large or small, we will always provide written estimates within 24 hours of surveying the job you've requested.

3) What kind of guarantee do they offer on parts and labor?Our guarantee is written at the bottom of every receipt. You never have to wonder about our commitment to the quality of our service.

4) Do they have a storefront or walk in location? Where is it?We are accountable to our customers. If there is ever a problem, our customers know they can find us at our store and talk to us in person if necessary. We are not just a faceless website. Our store manager and employees are happy to answer any questions you may have. Come on by and say hello Monday-Friday from 8:30am-6:00pm or on Saturday from 9:00-4:00 at 219 West 14th St. between 7th and 8th Avenues.

5) Do they really give you the best deal for your money?Again, it's about accountability. So many locksmiths operate on a hit and run basis, taking as much money as they can and hoping never to see you again. At Aaron-Hotz, we are proud to say that much of our business comes from repeat customers or word of mouth referrals. This is because in addition to our outstanding service, we always strive to give you the best deal for your money.

6) Will they provide commercial customers with proof of insurance?If you require a certificate of insurance, we'll get it to you immediately so the job can proceed without delay

7) Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?Call and check us out! Our member number is 16093. In Manhattan dial 800-576-5919.

Additional Frequently-Asked Questions: 

1) Are the round locksmith stickers you see stuck on doors and intercoms legal in New York City ?Absolutely not! Attaching stickers of any sort to buildings, intercoms, phone booths etc. is illegal as it is considered the defacing of public property.

Reputable locksmiths do not use them. You may report the placing of such stickers to the NY Department of Sanitation.

2) If I get locked out, should I let my doorman call a locksmith for me?Be advised: Locksmiths often solicit calls by offering a substantial kickback to doormen or supers; often as high as $75-$100 per call. YOU WILL BE OVERCHARGED for any service provided, in order to pay your doorman. Better to make the call yourself.

3) When I got locked out of my car, a towtruck stopped and the driver offered to open the door for me (for a fee). Should I have let him?Some towing companies equip their drivers with the proper tools to open cars, but most don't. Don't take the risk of having the locking mechanism disabled or ruined by someone who either doesn't know what he is doing or is using the wrong tool... in addition to disabling the locking mechanism, they often also cause body damage to the car. A licensed locksmith is always your best be