The hard steel security products such as vaults, safes, safe deposit boxes and depositories 

Hamilton has virtually every Safe Deposit Box need covered. If you are looking to match a 100-year-old installation or building a new facility, Hamilton Safe can fill the order.

We manufacture in our own American factories both the Safe Deposit Boxes and the Metal Bond Tins that hold your valuable possessions inside the box.

We offer:

  • Stainless Steel SD BoxesChoose maintenance-free stainless steel sections in a variety of box size combinations. Mix and match sections to get the optimum layout. Our numbering plate system allows you the flexibility for any renumbering, rearrangement, or even relocation of box sections down the road someday.
  • Modular Aluminum SD Boxes½" solid polished aluminum doors with stamped numbers made in several modular sections with different box sizes allows you to create the right combination.
  • Custom SD BoxesIf our modular sections aren’t quite the answer, than let us design and build custom safe deposit boxes that will perfectly meet your needs. Our custom boxes are made using ½" solid polished aluminum doors. Choose either our stamped numbers or our flexible numbering plate system. Let us create for you a custom layout of boxes and sizes for your specific project.

Hamilton’s cash handling cabinets are designed to offer security yet complement the interior design of your facility. They are both attractive and functional.

TR/TL (High Security) Safes"The ultimate in high security" Hamilton manufactures safes that are UL rated to withstand 30-minute attacks using both torch (TR) and tools (TL).

We manufacture both TR/TL30 and TR/TL30-X6 safes.

  • UL Listed 30 minute attack with tool and torch
  • Two Hour Fire Rating
  • Latest in composite technologies
  • Mechanical Relockers
  • 5" Door and 3½" composite body
TR/TL30X6"Hamilton is the only company in the United States able to manufacture the TR/TL30X6 safe"
  • UL Listed 30 minute torch and tool attack on all six sides of the safe
  • Latest in composite technologies
  • Massive 4-way boltwork
  • Glass relockers
  • Perfect for jewelers, banks, credit union and pharmaceuticals

We offer a variety of teller pedestals, cash and coin locker units, double wide cabinets, knee space units, cash trays and coin scoops.

Hamilton manufactures a full line of depositories including the most secured UL Listed night depository systems for financial institutions to simple and economical envelope drops for many businesses.

The industry standard for 30 years, the UL Listed 80UC provides the toughest protection against physical attacks.

  • Maintenance free stainless steel exterior
  • Designed for both Drive-up and Walk-up applications
  • Contains Anti-fish, embedded alarm system and physical security shield protection features
  • Supplies storage and light come standard
  • Weather-seal kit included
  • 80UC night head can be combined with a safe and chute to form a complete integrated depository system
Hamilton's Depository Access Control System (DACS) provides an extra layer of security and audit trail proof for your bank's commercial deposits. The DACS takes commercial deposits and foils attempts at fraud.

  • Our UL Listed 80UC night head combined with an automated touch screen provides unparalleled security and accountability
  • Video recordings are taken of the person making the deposit and the deposit bag entering the safe
  • The time of deposit is recorded and a transaction receipt is generated
Choose from a variety of Hamilton envelope depositories that are through the wall and free standing. Great for businesses such as Utility Companies, Insurance Offices, Universities, Government offices, Apartment Complex offices and company mail rooms.

Versatile free-standing envelope depository that can be adapted to fit different height and volume requirements.

  • Stainless steel face
  • Front or rear key-lock access
  • Can be customized to your needs
A practical through-the-wall envelope depository unit.

  • Stainless steel face
  • Tamper resistant steel receiving container
  • Can be customized to your needs
A through-the-wall envelope depository face perfect for day and night use.

  • Built-in night light great for after hours use
  • Maintenance free stainless steel construction
  • Contains an envelope supply shelf

Undercounter cabinets are constructed from 18 and 20 gauge cold rolled steel. All drawers are mounted on full ball bearing suspensions.

Hamilton Safe’s transaction drawers and windows offer everything you need to make your drive-up and walk-up transactions safe, secure and efficient.

Transaction Drawers - Models 400DD, DCD-18 & Retail Rotary Server (RRS)Hamilton's Transaction Drawers provide the perfect combination of ease-of-use with maximum secured protection.  The 400DD and the oversized DCD-18 each are UL Level 3 rated and constructed of rugged, maintenance free stainless steel.  They can be used for both drive-up and walk-up applications.  The Retail Rotary Server is the newest walk-up drawer offering by Hamilton for commercial and retail applications.

Two unique features to the 400DD & DCD-18 include our patented suspension-free design which virtually eliminates mechanical maintenance problems common with other transaction drawers.  Also, the 400DD and DCD-18 provide the operator access to the drawer at the edge of the counter. There's no reaching or straining to place or remove the contents within the drawer.

400DD and DCD-18 models include:
  • Easy push button electric operation with manual override
  • Drawer is sealed to outside air entering the building
  • Drawer extension adjusts to various curb widths
  • Audio system included
  • Great for both new installations and replacements

Retail Rotary Server (RRS) features include:
  • Simple & smooth manual rotary operation
  • Large Capacity - can hold a 12 pack of soda
  • Full duplex audio system
  • Painted Stainless steel exterior finish
  • Combines nicely with Hamilton's Commercial Series window

Hamilton Safe Windows - Vision Series and Commercial Series
  • Hamilton Vision Series Windows are constructed using rugged stainless steel frames and bullet resistive glass. Both the frame and glass are UL-Rated.
  • Vision Series Windows are Hurricane Rated:
    • Approved by Miami-Dade County, Florida building code compliance
    • Approved for second-story installations
  • Standard sizes include 3'x5', 3'x6', 3'x8', 3'x10', 3'x12' and 3'x15'
  • We make Custom Sizes as well!
  • Commercial Series windows comes with UL-Rated BR glass and a stainless steel frame.
  • Commercial Series windows can be painted and color-matched