Comfortable and spacious

When considering a home safe, you don't have to commit yourself to a little metal box.   

Our hidden safes are custom-made to enclose an entire space, so they can be made as large as the closet or room - large enough to accommodate important papers and other valuables.  Don't just protect your jewelry, comfortably store and retrieve silverware, or family heirlooms precious to you that insurance won't replace. 

Many of these home safes are walk-in models that you can use to store furs or weapons.  Some clients simply want a hidden room, while others have a safe designed as a one-of-a-kind hidden gun safe tailor-made for an individual home.  

They are fire-resistant and can come equipped with shelves, lighting, and dehumidifiers.  

Our custom hidden safes begin at 60 inches high

with widths and depths starting at 24 inches.  These are the smallest size we make.  Larger, walk-in safes can be any size, up to full size of the room or space available. 

We typically do all the work required, including framing, and include a hidden access door to the safe enclosure, interior shelving, lighting, and all finish work required.  A typical installation take our craftsmen 4-5 days to complete.

Please note that these items are all custom projects.  Prices for these projects begin at $12,000 and include all parts and labor.

 Announcing a new feature:

We now offer a state-of-the-art wireless biometric switching device to open our drawer and large safe products.  


For larger installations, we will typically conduct a security survey of your home in order to make recommendations about the size and location of your hidden safe. A house has many areas where you could locate these safes. Every house is different and so are the means to access your safe. The secret to our success is in our techniques and our methods. 

After we accept a deposit for you order, your safe is manufactured, then assembled and tested for fit and function at our facility in Tennessee before being disassembled, crated, and shipped to us locally for installation in your home or office. 

For more information, or just to view how the wireless biometrics switch works to open a hidden drawer, please go to the wireless biometrics page.


When required for these cases we are able to perform all the work required to install our products in your home, whether for new construction or in an existing residence.

 Most of our assignments require retrofitting our safes in finished areas of the house. For this reason we are sensitive to your needs and wishes during the installation.

 We are very meticulous about everything we do. Rest assured that this is no less true about protecting the surrounding area and about clean-up at the end of every day.